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Thread: Want More Tiesto? You Got It!!!

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    Smile Want More Tiesto? You Got It!!!

    How does one dance to DJ Tiesto? | Beatportal

    Check out the Youtube video below the article.

    Please discuss.


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    why would anyone want to dance like that? LMAO
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    isn't dancing supposed to be something done with the feet mostly? unlike this is supposed to be breakdancing ::

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    that's weird style of dancing

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    damn, they suck, my gran can dance better than them.

    Sorry. but they dance like a couple of puffs. All they are missing is glow sticks.

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    WTH! I've seen better dancing at Gr8ful Dead concerts!!

    All they need are some pom pom's

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    It's "tecktonik" : unfortunatly very popular actually in france
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    mad stupid

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