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Thread: guitar hero 3 players :)

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    guitar hero 3 players :)

    post all ur videos here if u play gh3. im curious to see ur skillz

    here's my first video (and like 3rd time getting through this song.)


    also have a "modified" version of dragonforce - fire and flames 100% expert 5x hyperspeed

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    lol i can't get 5 stars on medium

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    My status!

    Guitar Hero III
    Gamerscore: 815 / 1000 (88% Completed)
    Achievements: 52 / 59

    Recent Achievements
    Earn 5 stars on all songs on the Expert difficulty
    Score 1,000,000 on any song in a Co-op match
    Activate Star Power 3 times on Through the Fire and Flames on Expert
    Complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert
    Complete all difficulties in Career, buy everything from the shop and complete 100 online matches

    Stealing Aga <3

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    I can't play this game LOL, even on the easiest difficulty. I keep getting confused.
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