This time I decided to invite someone with a slightly different style. I was wondering who should I ask for a Guest Mix when I came across two tracks: Don't Be Afraid and Temple of Snakes. Both are really really good and my favourite of the two has to be the second one with its massive dark atmosphere. So I wrote to Him and the rest is history as they say. My Guest is also responsible for tracks such as: Lacuna (with Blufeld), Second Phase, Puzzle Done (with Tioan), The Tree of Eternity or remixes of Gnosis, Dreamcatcher, Interface, Into The Dusk and Arctic Light and an ongoing series Analog Conspiracy. Without further ado please welcome my Guest from Poland who will take you for a ride through more darker shades of music. Here's Division One in episode 50 of The Journey!

Genre: Trance

Length: 60:27

Link to the mix:

01. D.X.Xavier - Glances (Parallel Universe Remix) [Balkan Connection]
02. Cut N Glue - Headache (Original Mix) [Amber Blue Recordings]
03. Heinrich & Heine - Nanobot (Daniel Jaeger Remix) [Amber Blue Recordings]
04. Frederik Wiesener - Proem (Original Mix) [Aftertech]
05. Division One - Temple of Snakes (Original Mix) [Saturate Audio]
06. Echo Daft & Shanil Alox - Third Power (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
07. Hibernate - The Monster (2016 Redux) (Original Mix) [Alpha Milk Records]
08. Alhena - In Constellation (Division One Remix) [Addictive Sounds]
09. Sergy Casttle - Oprimus (Original Mix) [Lonely Owl Records]
10. Division One - Don't Be Afraid (Original Mix) [Saturate Audio]