Label: TAR#138
Code: TAR138047
Release Date: 18.02.2019

This tune from Andy Elliass is of the breath-taking heart rushing kind. 'Rose' has a classic emotional uplift feel with a depth that brings energy to our drifting feelings. Collects them all into one track and the soul filled break balances off with a powerful main sound, leaving us wanting this bliss to be poured over us all over again. We proudly welcome Andy Elliass and 'Rose' to TAR#138. On remix duty we have Eric Senn who is no stranger to anyone, he has been climbing his way by the emotional uplifting to doing more big room styles and developing new sounds to put on his imprint. In this remix we can feel Erics sound vividly and angles the track into another direction. Using different instrumental tools in the break and build, puts this fusion into a perfect remix. Great to hear Eric Senn on TAR#138.

01. Rose (Original Mix)
02. Rose (Eric Senn Remix)

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