Label: TAR#138
Code: TAR138052
Release Date: 25.03.2019

Thomas Nikki brings 'Listen To Your Heartbeat' to TAR#138 and this is what we are going to do with this emotional uplifter. Thomas told us he is dedicating this track to his unborn son who is going to be born with a problem, but this has taught them and should teach everyone that life is fragile and that we should appreciate life as it is when it is handed to us and let ever heartbeat matter. The bassline has a great depth and the layering of melodies is extraordinary after the break. The break is the place where we end up listening to our hearts and feel how we want to live with a sense of joy and it's a track that makes us feel good and therefor is the perfect one to give us hope for the future. Thomas Nikki's delicate ways of adding the piano in makes the whole track very consistent. So 'Listen to Your Heartbeat' with us and Thomas Nikki.

01. Listen To Your Heartbeat (Original Mix)

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