Label: TAR#138
Code: TAR138053
Release Date: 01.04.2019

Ciro Visone is a legend in trancemusic and one of the most skillful producers in the biz. Now together with MarcPrest they present a duo called Galaxya and the track 'Open Your Eyes' on TAR#138. Don't we all need to open our eyes in the world we live in to fully see what's going on. This track has a darker and more underground vibe but still intact with orchestral sounds, which follow us during the breakdown and the buildup to make sure we stay alert and watch what's going on around us. The complexity in the melody shows the skills of the producers and the grandiosely perfection outline of the bassline and pads is a talent you are born with and then perfectioned. Some of us got it some don't, these guys do and with this track 'Open Your Eyes' they are showing us just that! Flawlessness has arrived to TAR#138 and are here to stay with Galaxya.

01. Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)

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