Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAR-19-07
Release Date: 22.04.2019

This collaboration between Evgeny Pacuk & Mohamed Ahmed has given us 'Inspiration' to release on TAR. It is a true inspiration to do a description for this track because it gives great vibes and the emotions of wanting to take that extra leap in life and make an extra effort is coming forward and push you to do something special. The perfection in the elements and the awesome bassline makes us very intrigued from the first second to the last. Without motivation and inspiration, life means nothing. This track represents something bigger than the name and make sure you listen to it a few times to really appreciate the small detailed professional elements included and get Inspired! We are honored to welcome Evgeny Pacuk & Mohamed Ahmed and 'Inspiration' to Trance All-Stars Records.

01. Inspiration (Original Mix)

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