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Thread: What's this tunE?

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    What's this tunE?

    Ahmed Atef Pres. Trancemotions 007

    In this set there's a song with descending piano that just got done playing. What is it?!?!

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    the tracklist is:

    Andy Duguid - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
    Jonas Steur- Level Up (Sied Van Riel Remix)
    SHIHA - Beneath The Sound (Original Mix)
    Markus Schulz Vs Andy Moor - Daydream (12" mix)
    Terry Ferminal vs Mark Sherry - Walk Away (Terry Ferminal Remix)
    Street Punk - White Russian (Rafael Frost Remix)
    Shawn Mitiska feat. Jaren - Silently (Topher Jones Remix)
    Ismail & Shiha feat. Elly - Only You (Original Mix)
    Maor levi - Reflect (Original Mix)

    from the timestamp of your posting i would guess it's the first track... ::

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