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Thread: OUT! [Beyond The Stars Recordings] Calvin O'Commor - Hathor / Blue Impulse / The Elusive Flame

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    OUT! [Beyond The Stars Recordings] Calvin O'Commor - Hathor / Blue Impulse / The Elusive Flame

    Beyond The Stars Recordings
    Code: BTSR262
    Release Date: 03.06.2019

    Calvin O'Commor has really risen towards the stars this last year and is proving this by release after release. Here we have an EP with his name on it releasing with Beyond The Stars Recordings. His signature must be his incredible way of making unique melodies and balancing them up with long emotional breaks and never leaving out the energetic trance elements. Classic trance at its best! First out is 'Hathor'. Hathor was the love goddess of Egyptian mythology, before her duties was taken over by Isis. The theme of the track is kept to the title and we are standing in the ancient middle east where sounds pound into our chests and take us over like a spell of a casted myth. Brilliant work again by Mr. O'Commor. Next tune is 'Blue Impulse' where the bassline and the signature kick are presented from the intro. This one takes us more to the waves of the oceans by a blue lagoon of delightful sensations where we can feel free from all worries and horrors of the world. Leaning back and listen with the detail he uses to make a track perfect will make your day. Third but not least we have 'The Elusive Flame'. A heartbreaker where the piano takes us to that place in our souls where we feel ignited with life and sense the strive forward. The build is a definite unique one and bringing us to the drop we know that Calvin has set the bar high for this EP with 'The Elusive Flame'. This EP has it all. Three very different tracks but all imprinted with Calvins brand and we can't do more than wish him welcome to Beyond The Stars Recordings for a well-deserved upcoming release.


    01. Hathor (Original Emotion Mix)
    02. Blue Impulse (Original Emotion Mix)
    03. The Elusive Flame (Original Emotion Mix)

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