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Thread: How is babby formed?

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    How is babby formed?

    babby (child on yahoo answers) - flash

    hahaha damn, this cracked me up!

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    wth? LMAO
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    Yea. Unfortunately, that's how a lot of people are spelling nowadays

    Gotta love the US
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    haha yeah, I love the way kids type, it's so funny, makes no sense what soever

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    Youngsters kill every Portugues is just the same...
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    i don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light Sequence View Post
    i don't get it.

    Someone has animated 2 cavemen to a kids question on Yahoo Answers.

    HOW IS BABBY FORMEd? - Yahoo! Answers

    The completely atrocious spelling and grammar, plus the fact the reply makes no sense whatsoever would be reminisent of early man before language was developed.

    One thing I find shocking about it is that someone has tought a child how to find answers to questions using Yahoo Answers, let alone that the kid has been tought how to use the internet before even understanding what reproduction is.

    There is a bleak future ahead of us...

    That and I find stupid things hillarious!

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    XDDDDD jajaajaajj ahahhaaha you're right djabstraction!!!!!!!!!! i find this situation hillarious too

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