Label: TAR#138
Code: TAR138072
Release Date: 12.08.2019

Who does not love FAWZY's trance music? We welcome him on TAR#138 for the first time but hope it won't be the last. How can you not adore the title 'When the Sun Smiles'?!'. There is a certain beautiful being who carries the name of a blossom, that inspired FAWZY to maintain his inspiration throughout the track and finish it up to be this masterpiece that it is, and he is forever grateful for this special, ever-charming white blossom. With the title and the intro, there is already an indication that we will hear something uplifting for our spirits and this is exactly what he delivers. An enthusiastic appetite to hand us something which will lift us up high and make us believe in ourselves. It is like Fawzy knows what it is like to be having the let-downs that you can have in music and life for that matter; but not letting it stop him from moving forward and never giving up. The tune has a theme of delightful sounds and the layering is of the most detail proportions like we have always heard in his productions. There is no lack of energy within the track and we are fully satisfied; after pressing rewind a few times we are ready to face the world and share a smile with the sun. We welcome FAWZY music to TAR#138 with 'When the Sun Smiles'.

01. When The Sun Smiles (Original Mix)
02. When The Sun Smiles (Radio Edit)

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