Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAROAS011
Release Date: 19.08.2019

TAR Oasis need producers like Paaro to lead the way to the calmer and soothing grounds. There is a lot in this track that can be mentioned comes to technicality but as always, let us do a more poetic description. The title which is called 'Fusion' makes us think about the fusion between the mind, inner selves with conscience, time and all and how we to make this interact with all that's going on in our surroundings. This fusion which also can be called 'Life' is not always easy to cope with. A huge puzzle where we need to find all the pieces to feel complete. Paaro might make us feel a bit of an oasis to try complete parts of this puzzle by disappearing into this world where we just feel nothing but this music and if we are lucky some will fall into place by just existing. We welcome Paaro and 'Fusion' to TAR Oasis and we hope you find a piece of your life puzzle.

01. Fusion (Original Mix)

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