Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAROAS012
Release Date: 02.09.2019

Danilo Marinucci and 'Moondust' is taking progressive house to another step in this winding stairs of electronic music. First word is WOW, the energy that first alerts our attention to the track is a very explicit intro to the track where its later sooths us down with some real segments of chilled 'Oasis' moments. The meditative and vigorous calmer piece of the track is the beginning of the best part of the track, the main where the elements and melodies totally takes you over and flies you up another few steps towards that progressive heaven where we want to be when listening to this type of music. The choices of sounds are well thought through and being inside on Danilos mind for a few minutes is a treat and there is no way you should be missing out on it. So, with great pride we welcome you to feel refreshed by Danilo Marinuccis 'Moondust' on TAR Oasis.

01. Moondust (Original Mix)

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