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Thread: Track ID needed, timestamp of song included...

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    Track ID needed, timestamp of song included...

    Need a hand with a track ID.
    There's no vocals so I'm going to do my best describing it...

    The chorus has a melody that goes down in pitch then back up to where it began more or less.
    There's clearly a antecedent and consequent (call and response effect) going on here.

    There's a good deal of pitch bend on almost every note.
    A slight filter sweep on the end of each phrase of that chorus.

    I believe it began to outro at 2:51 Teusday September 24, 2019 EST.

    Note: If you have the song prior to this one and following it, feel free to post those too, I'm enjoying those as well.

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    try check these tracks on youtube from this set
    this show was replayed that time of the day

    or maybe this
    but there is no tracklist, check the set here
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