Label: TAR#138
Code: TAR138079
Release Date: 30.09.2019

The time has come for the previous release we had on 29th July with XiJaro & Pitch with Jenny Svensson 'Echoes in the Dark' to follow up with a remix release.

Three excellent producers all well-known within their styles have made their version of 'Echoes In The Dark' and putting their own imprint on that track.

First out is Rezwan Khan. No stranger to anyone, makes massive releases up to the top and are an excellent remixer. He makes a version of this track with a bit more soothing and chilled sound yet keeping the energy needed to keep the uplift intact. It is a definite Rezwan tone over the whole remix and we adore it!

Next is LightControl who is having release after release, achieving his goals one milestone at a time and this past year he has really proven himself as a talented producer. Very proud to get a remix from him on this dark tune and he makes it a bit lighter with another type of melody which is a stunner and it is an artform to make a good remix as in putting yourself in someone else's sound, and LightControl have made just that. Impeccable work.

Finally, the kick-ass remix who will hand you a shellshock you never forget. Black XS is a very well-known artist in his era which is mainly harder and techier trance. This remix will blow minds away, and the way he has inserted the vocals with different sounds and the harder approach makes this the techiest remix.

The Dub version of the track will also be released on this EP so those who aren't a fan of vocals can enjoy the full instrumental of the flawless work inspired by Jenny Svensson's vocals from XiJaro & Pitch.

'Echoes in the Dark' returns with something for everyone, soothing to mind-blowing hardcore trance. We are proud to release this on TAR#138 and we hope you all enjoy it with us!

01. Echoes In The Dark (Dub Mix)
02. Echoes In The Dark (Rezwan Khan Remix)
03. Echoes In The Dark (LightControl Remix)
04. Echoes In The Dark (Black XS Remix)

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