Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TAROAS015
Release Date: 14.10.2019

The category progressive house is quite wide and there is so much to say about Ben Nilssons 'Truth' coming to TAR Oasis next. But keeping it on the shorter level a few things must be mentioned. It is a marvelous track with a bassline from another world. A few second in and you are hooked, I can guarantee that much. What a depth in this track where the underlying red thread is that bassline which just kick (dirty word) ass. A very professional and insanely astonishing work on that part of the track. On to one of the many high-level producing from this track is that melody. Who can forget such a tune? The notes fall into place like a snowflake forming into that beautiful star like one of nature's wonderful mysteries. Ben knows what he is doing, that is a fact and all we can do at TAR Oasis is to say thank you for sharing this fallen truth with us and there is no doubt in our minds this will hit the highest lists and shows and having it on our imprint makes us humble and proud. Welcome Ben Nilsson and 'Truth' to TAR Oasis. A flawless track for a flawless label.

01. Truth (Original Mix)
02. Truth (Radio Edit)

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