Label: Trance All-Stars Records
Code: TARC-20-01
Release Date: 06.01.2020

2019 has been a year where we have reached higher heights, climbed higher mountains and made more dreams come true within the progressive trance music than ever before. In January 2019, we also started a new sub-label named TAR Oasis. This was a huge milestone since we didn't have any progressive within our imprint. Focusing on progressive house and deeper melodic trance styles TAR Oasis debut was a huge success and we are so stoked for the immensely gratification in feedback for the tracks released. It still is and we love to give the listener the chance to hear this genre or style where you can find a safe haven within or wherever you are in life. The Ultimate Progressive Collection Vol. 10 is a compilation for you to see the other side of us and we hope this will be as fulfilling as the energetic, where the oasis inside of you takes over and you can feel decompressed and unwind for a while within this extremely hectic world we live in. With a 12-track selection including the tracks from John Grand, Huem, Diago, Jean Luc, Mark Digital, Logical Disparity and many more we present 2019's most wanted progressive releases from our label and imprints. So lean back take your shoes off, plug your earphones in and join on a chilled vacation in the far away lands.

01. Jean Luc - Oasis (Original Mix)
02. Huem - Shelter (Original Mix)
03. Mark Digital - Atomic Clock (Original Mix)
04. Solewaas - When I Was (Original Mix)
05. Firas Tarhini - Moments (Original Mix)
06. John Grand - Perth (Original Mix)
07. Ben Nilsson - Truth (Original Mix)
08. Paul Pollux - Warrior (Original Mix)
09. Logical Disparity - Falling, Fading (Original Mix)
10. Max Bolotov feat. MoNa - Follow Me (Original Mix)
11. D'Jaeger feat. Amin Salmee - Dreamer (Original Mix)
12. Diago - Baie Des Anges (Original Mix)

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