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Thread: Track id :)

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    Track id :)

    Does anyone who this tunes by, all i know is that its called Discover!

    Adam white is playing it but i cant find out who its by!!

    Cheers guys

    YouTube - Adam White playing Discover!!

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    Rozza is the original artist, Adam White also remixed the track
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    Rozza - Discover (Adam White/Original Mix) [Emalodic]

    Discovered by Adam's girlfriend Emma, 'Discover' is a beautiful simple melodic trancer which hits the mark in all the right places. As soon as we heard this we knew it was a perfect track for 'Emalodic' so we signed Rozza up to the label.

    On remix duties, Adam has taken the original elements of the track and added his own unique twist to it taking it up a notch to 135 bpm. Making a little more of the infectious chord sequence in a euphoric breakdown, this remixes deliverers to the more demanding floors and completes the package perfectly.
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    Cheers guys. Didnt realise Adam had remixed it, i should do as he's a mate of mine! He got me into dj'ing!

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