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Thread: Reek Havoc - The Megamix 2007

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    Reek Havoc - The Megamix 2007

    Welcome everybody!

    Although this doesn't fully comply with the rules of this forum, I'd like to post this set to get your opinion. It's a very powerful mix that I've produced for New Year's Eve to play it on a party that we held. The reception was awesome everywhere, so I hope you'll decide to spend some time to listen to it. The set consists of two parts - the first one are the best powerplays of 2007, the second one is purely classic. I decided not to reveal the tracklist in order to give you the element of surprise, but you can trust me that I've chosen only the best stuff. You'll be able to hear Riff, Crazy People, Megashira and such. I really recommend this one!

    You'll find the set on the bottom of the page:
    Direct Download Link Added (right click/save as)

    I hope you like it!
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    Read this -->

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    hmmm... read the description It takes only 40 minutes to listen, and I'm sure you'll not be disappointed.

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