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Thread: Cheap controller for beginners?

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    Cheap controller for beginners?

    Hi everyone,
    I am a newbie and am willing to buy a DJ controller but my budget is low so I am looking for cheap controller. I have read an article about the Best DJ Controller under 500 but I am confused between Pioneer DDJ and Numark MixTrack. I really like both of them. Can someone guide me, which is the best of these two?


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    You can't go wrong with either.

    The Pioneer DDJ-SR is a good and sturdy controller, but with a known weak point, the crossfader.

    The Numark MixTrack is smaller and lighter, but has a newer design that many likes.

    Hard to judge which one is the better of the two. Each one has it's own style.

    I recommend you try out one and perhaps both, to see which style you prefer.

    If you look around, you will usually find nice units for less than €500.

    I have a Pioneer DDJ-SR that I bought slightly used from a club that was going out of business. PLN370,- out the door, 2 years old unit.
    My previous experience dj'ing was back in the early to mid 90's and we were using Pioneer and Technics equipment..

    Grab a good quality USB-cable and a comfy carrying bag and you're good to go.

    I hope this at least gave you some input to you can make a better decision.


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