01. Ciaran McAuley – In Memory Of You (Ahmed Romel Remix) [Nocturnal Knights]
02. New World - Be Here Now (Extended Mix) [Abora Recordings]
03. Aly and Fila – Lost Language (Original Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt] [LOST TREASURE OF THE WEEK!]
04. Markus Schulz and HALIENE – Tidal Wave (Daxson Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] [1ST SUNRISER OF THE WEEK!]
05. Danny Eaton and Paul Skelton – Connection (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
06. Susana - Dark Side of The Moon (Ferry Tayle Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
07. DT8 Project & Lustral - On My Own (Last Soldier Remix) [Mondo Records]
08. Terra V. - Mirage (Original Mix) [Whitelabel]
09. Airdream – Afterglow (Extended Mix) [Redux Recordings]
10. Amos and Riot Night – Born From Shadows (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
11. Steve Dekay and H.M.B.L. – Lyria (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
12. Peter Steele – Karma (Extended Mix) [GO Music]
13. Alex Byrka, Van Yorge - Written In The Stars (Original Mix) [Submission]
14. Ahmed Romel – Road To Vilna (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
15. Talla 2XLC – DARKness (Extended Mix) [That’s Trance]
16. Paul van Dyk & Will Atkinson – Awakening (Original Mix) [VANDIT]
17. Asteroid – Catharsis (Original Mix) [Regenerate]
18. Tensteps and Hit The Bass – Rigi (Extended Mix) [Always Alive Recordings]
19. Sue Mclaren and Philippe El Sisi – Haunted 2020 (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
20. Kenny Palmer - Terokkar (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
21. Allen Watts – High Voltage (Extended Mix) [WAO138?!]
22. Metta and Glyde – Break The Chain (Original Mix) [Regenerate]
23. Hennes and Cold – First Session (D10 Extended Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Fusion]
24. Alignment – Injection (Original Mix) [KNTXT] [2ND SUNRISER OF THE WEEK!]


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