This weeks selection is less about vocals and more of the pure trance sounds, please enjoy and have a Merry Christmas


1 Sholan - Turning Back Time(Extended Mix)
2 Will Atkinson & Paul van Dyk - Awakening
3 Double Motion - Life In Motion(Extended Mix)
4 Shedona, Madwave - Key Of Life(Extended Mix)
5 Steve Dekay & H.M.B.L. - Lyria(Extended Mix)
6 AJ Gibson - Afterwhite(Extended Mix)
7 Brent Rix - Freeflow(Extended Mix)
8 Tensteps & Hit The Bass - Rigi(Extended Mix)
9 Frank Waanders - Freefall(Extended Mix)
10 Marc Simz - Lights & Shadows(Extended Mix)
11 Cedric Lass - The Hidden Side of the Moon
12 Rising Star, Armin van Buuren Feat Cari - The Voice(Extended Mix)
13 Tenth Planet - Ghosts(Darren Porter Extended Remix)[Tune Of The Podcast]
14 Shedona - Eternita(Extended Mix)
15 The Sixth Sense, Dean Zone - Light Up The Darkness(Costa Pantazis Reprise)
16 Amos & Riot Night - Born From Shadows(Extended Mix)
17 Dory Badawi - Resonance(Extended Mix)
18 Sue McLaren, Philippe El Sisi - Haunted 2020(Extended Mix)
19 Daniel Skyver - Symphonic
20 Asteroid - Catharsis
21 Blue5even - Horizon(Extended Mix)
22 Ciaran McAuley - In Memory Of You(Ahmed Romel Extended Remix)

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