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Label: Amuse
ISRC: SE6QE2084758
UPC: 7316210181273
Release ID: 1059050
Genre: Trance
Release date: 28 Dec 2020
Track Name: Taiwan

"Taiwan" is the Eighteen of many releases that are in unique healing frequency.

This release is the Seventh from the 2015-2017 collection. In this release production process, I was at college back in 2015... one of the nights I had this dream where the music sounded, it felt like it's coming from heaven so beautiful so soft, and uplifting! I woke up from that beautiful dream opened my laptop software and wrote down the notes of the melody and went back to sleep, then after studying day I came back to that melody and started working on it and it came to pass that song was ready to be released after including beautiful Taiwan music instruments for I so much adore all Asian cultures music instrumentals they so sensual and warm, and when I combined them with soft bass & modern synths - a miracle and masterpiece was born! happy winter holidays hope you had beautiful Christmas and get ready for one more release before New Year's coming on 30th December + One more surprise on 31st if you follow Vyt4s socials added to this description - code word: OLD SCHOOL!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2Ibge...QMSYJAHUOFteUw

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