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Thread: Livestream Mix EP06: Trance & Progressive with Dosem, Above & Beyond, Elysian, Aruna, & more

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    Livestream Mix EP06: Trance & Progressive with Dosem, Above & Beyond, Elysian, Aruna & more

    Hey, I'm frank_halfwong! I've been mixing music since mid 2019. I'm looking to improve my mixing skills and discover great new music genres and artists along the way. I play mainly trance, deep house, progressive house and recently feel in love with melodic techno.

    I've reworked my stream visuals, functionalities & mixes for a few months since my last post here and I'm looking for new feedback. Big thanks to the few that will take a moment to give me their feedback. Cheers!

    Style of music played in this mix:
    Progressive into trancier vibes. Here's a little preview:

    Where to listen to the mix:

    Here's the track with timestamps {sorry busted by 15 mins the 2h limit, admins be merciful }:

    1. [00:00:00] Rubicon (Extended Mix) by Eelke Kleijn
    2. [00:06:40] Runnerpark (Jeremy Olander Remix) by Dosem
    3. [00:12:20] Extraction (Extended Mix) by Dosem
    4. [00:17:10] All These Wounds (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) by BT
    5. [00:21:55] Best of Me by Artbat
    6. [00:29:20] You (Isaiah Martin & Ido Remix) by Gabriel & Dresden
    7. [00:33:50] We Know (Vintage & Morelli Remix) by Boom Jinx
    8. [00:39:30] Beyond The Comfort Zone (Avoure Extended Mix) by elysian
    9. [00:45:40] Light As A Feather (Matt Fax Remix) by Boom Jinx
    10. [00:50:00] I Swear (Dirty South Extended Mix) by Dirty South
    11. [00:54:40] Water (PROFF Extended Mix) by Elysian
    12. [01:00:30] Misdirection (Extended Mix) by Judah
    13. [01:05:40] When You Loved Me (Juventa & Toby Hedges Remix) by Boom Jinx
    14. [01:10:40] Shadows (Original Mix) by Oliver Smith
    15. [01:14:40] All That I Can by Alpha 9
    16. [01:18:55] Blue Monday (Extended Mix) by Above & Beyond
    17. [01:22:50] Zero-Day (Extended Mix) by Judah
    18. [01:27:40] Distorted Love (Original Mix) by Arty
    19. [01:31:50] Reason To Believe (Steve Kaetzel Original Mix) by Aruna
    20. [01:37:00] Coming Home (Original Mix) by Boom Jinx
    21. [01:42:00] Zero by Oliver Smith
    22. [01:46:50] Let Go (Nic Chagall Remix) by Aruna
    23. [01:54:10] Under My Skin (Original Mix) by ilan Bluestone
    24. [01:58:50] Walter White (Original Mix) by Above & Beyond
    25. [02:04:20] Flash (Original Mix) by 7 Oceans
    26. [02:09:30] Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond Extended Club Mix) by Above & Beyond
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