Afterhours Podcast 07 with Dave Thomas

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    Afterhours Podcast 07 with Dave Thomas Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas
  • fast_forward00:00:00 - Based On Acid (Rene Ablaze & TrancEye Remix) - Rene Ablaze
  • fast_forward00:05:00 - U Found Out (Peter Steele Extended Remix) - Handbaggers, Peter Steele
  • fast_forward00:09:00 - In And Out of My Life (Extended Mix) - Sneijder
  • fast_forward00:13:00 - Raw Deal (Extended Mix) - John O'Callaghan
  • fast_forward00:18:00 - Breathe (Original Mix) - Metta & Glyde
  • fast_forward00:23:00 - Fallen Angel (Extended Mix) - Metta & Glyde
  • fast_forward00:28:00 - Synthoria (Extended Mix) - Gerry Galago
  • fast_forward00:33:00 - Red Sun Rising (Extended Mix) - Talla 2xlc, Lost Witness
  • fast_forward00:38:00 - Now Or Never (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) - Daxson, Nation Of One
  • fast_forward00:42:00 - Luvstruck (Rene Ablaze 2019 Rework) - Southside Spinners
  • fast_forward00:47:00 - Traffic (Richard Durand Remix) - Tiesto
  • fast_forward00:51:00 - US (No-So Extended Remix) - Simon Patterson
  • fast_forward00:55:00 - These Dogs Trust No One (Red Dragon Edit Extended Mix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward00:59:00 - Through the Looking Glass (Faders & Wilder Remix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:03:00 - Fugitive (Extended Mix) - Joint Operations Centre
  • fast_forward01:07:00 - Razor (UCast Extended Remix) - Greg Downey
  • fast_forward01:13:00 - Can I Be Frank? (Extended Mix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:18:00 - Mom I Don't Feel Well (Original Mix) - Joint Operations Centre
  • fast_forward01:24:00 - The Forging of Steel (Original Mix) - John O'Callaghan
  • fast_forward01:29:00 - Call the Doctor (Original Mix) - Paul Denton
  • fast_forward01:35:00 - Fast Forward (Extended Mix) - Alex Di Stefano
  • fast_forward01:39:00 - Spielzeug (Original Mix) - Kamui
  • fast_forward01:44:00 - Battery Acid (Ellez Ria Arkam Reborn) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:49:00 - Smack (Waio Remix) - Simon Patterson
  • fast_forward01:53:00 - The Witch (Proyal Remix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:57:00 - Vampire (Original Mix) - Sied van Riel

Afterhours Podcast 07

Being a regular at Gatecrasher back in the 90s set my lifelong love affair with trance. Any set I create I want to create an experience for the listener and something unique. Last year I achieved my dream of playing live in a club when I won the Paul Clarke DJ competition. Since then I have played in the iconic Godskitchen, won numerous competitions and have gigs coming up in Poland, Leeds and Peterborough early in 2024.

Featured on Afterhours FM alongside some of the worlds biggest trance DJs on new years day. Catch me weekly on BPM1 radio every Saturday 1-2pm, streamed on Mixcloud and Twitch. Check out my guest spots on Radio Kosmos and Vibez Live radio SA. Also featured on ASTROfegs podcast as an artist to watch. Absolutely honoured to be asked to play a show on Aprils Afterhours.FM, I have created a set that I hope you all love.


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