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Please note that it is strictly prohibited and can result in corrective action to rip/record from the streaming music. It can and will at least result in a ban on your IP address to prevent further recording.


AH.FM uses your mixed shows to be aired on the radio also for download. AH.FM does not sell these mixed shows, and are for promotional use only. You acknowledge that you have the rights to and consent to (by uploading your scheduled show) share the works by being broadcasted by AH.FM.

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AH.FM assumes no legal responsibility nor can be held accountable for infringement, however we do act on it. The DJ’s/Composers/Producers that have mixed shows here on AH.FM select their own play lists, and you agree that any legal action taken will be between the DJ that infringed and yourself. We strive on a free promotional atmosphere that is generally accepted within side the EDM music industry. It is not our intent nor wish to infringe on intellectual property rights. Upon proof of infringement copyright, AH.FM will then delete all references that relate to that track on the AH.FM site and archives.

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