Church of Trance with Trance Jesus

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Church of Trance with Trance Jesus

Church of Trance with Trance Jesus story didn’t start 2000 years ago, but in 2017 as a moniker of Chris Blackburn on the beloved Groove Cruise – the largest and most spectacular festival to hit the Seven Seas. His love of Trance music along with his seeming likeness of Jesus Christ has brought love and admiration.From the multiple appearances on the biggest festival on the Seven Seas, Groove Cruise, his home in Minneapolis, as well as in clubs from Florida to California supporting the biggest names in Trance . His joy is connecting with people in the Trance family and bringing excitement for the genre.

During the COVID lockdown, he continued to share the good news of Trance across the internet on Twitch, and to date over 200 episodes of the Church of Trance livestream. He also blesses the airwaves each month on Afterhours FM, bringing the Church of Trance every 4th Friday of the month.With Trance being a passion of his for over 25 years, 20+ years have been at clubs and festivals.

The last 7 years have translated to being featured on lineups alongside some of Trance biggest names, working behind the scenes to produce events, &  managing world class Trance artists with HQ Bookings. Nonetheless, when the heavenly job in Trance doesn’t keep him busy, he spends his days in his earthly job as a Microsoft consultant, is the the father of 3 boys, & married to the love of his life for 23 years.

Show episodes

Afterhours Podcast 10 with Inoblivion


Afterhours Podcast 10 with Inoblivion

todayMay 26, 2024 36 2

Afterhours Podcast 09 with Artena
2 21


Afterhours Podcast 09 with Artena

todayApril 19, 2024 338 21 2

Afterhours Podcast 08 with Arsen & Cyan
Arsen & Cyan
  • fast_forward00:00:00 - Nihil Young, Lauren L'aimant, Franky Wah - How It Feels (feat. Lauren L'aimant) Original Mix
  • fast_forward00:04:00 - Sultan + Shepard - Murmur Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:08:00 - Paul Oakenfold, Franky Wah - Bullet In The Gun Original Mix
  • fast_forward00:11:00 - Royksopp - Like An Old Dog Enrico Sangiuliano Remix
  • fast_forward00:14:00 - Michael Milov, Dmitry Chelnokov - Pray For Me Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:18:00 - Arsen & Cyan With Jennifer Rene - The Wire (Extended Mix)
  • fast_forward00:22:00 - Ari Grey - You Say (Arsen & Cyan Extended Remix)
  • fast_forward00:26:00 - Soel - Reverie Original Mix
  • fast_forward00:32:00 - Cosmic Gate - The Truth 2.0 Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:36:00 - Arsen & Cyan - Mystic (Extended Mix) 11 - DubVision - G.O.D. Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:40:00 - Estiva - Via Infinita Marsh Extended Remix
  • fast_forward00:44:00 - Arsen & Cyan - Blade Runner (Extended Mix)
  • fast_forward00:49:00 - Alexander Popov, TRITICUM -Give It To Me Extended Club Mix
  • fast_forward00:52:00 - Mark Sixma, Willem De Roo - Revolt
  • fast_forward00:56:00 - Bassjackers, Hardwell - Energy Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:59:00 - Daniel Wanrooy, Chris Howard, Hel:sløwed - High Rise Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:02:00 - Protoculture - States Of Flux Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:06:00 - Ruben Karapetyan - Meteorite Jerome Isma-Ae Remix
  • fast_forward01:11:00 - Avis Vox - Distance Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:15:00 - AVIRA - Hot Tub Time Machine Original Mix
  • fast_forward01:19:00 - Arsen & Cyan - Out Of My MInd (Extended Mix)
  • fast_forward01:25:00 - Oliver Smith, Tom Bailey - Everything Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:33:00 - ARTBAT, CAY (DE) -In Your Arms Original Mix
  • fast_forward01:43:00 - Armin van Buuren, ARTBAT - Take Off Original Mix
  • fast_forward01:48:00 - Chris Avantgarde - Perception Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:53:00 - Arsen & Cyan & Susie Ledge - Temples Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:57:00 - Protoculture - Starfield Extended Mix


Afterhours Podcast 08 with Arsen & Cyan

todayApril 1, 2024 487 20


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