Sonar Zone – Heaven’s Frequency

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Sonar Zone – Heaven’s Frequency 

Scottish trance DJ and producer Sonar Zone is taking the electronic music scene by storm with his unique sound and electrifying performances. Known for his high-energy sets and captivating stage presence, Sonar Zone has amassed a dedicated following around the globe.

But it’s not just his live performances that have fans talking. Every two weeks, Sonar Zone streams his latest tracks and shares behind-the-scenes looks at his creative process on his Twitch channel, giving fans an exclusive glimpse into his world.

Sonar Zone’s talent and dedication to his craft have also earned him recognition in the industry. He’s one of the managers at Reason II Rise record label

His live performances have also taken him to some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the globe, including Polamd, Detroit, Atlanta, the Netherlands and Scotland. He has played in packed crowds in Edinburgh, The Mash House, The Liquid Rooms, Magnetic Festival at the Biscuit Factory and many more.

But that’s not all. Sonar Zone has also made a splash in the world of virtual events, performing on Nowhereworld Virtual events using Unreal Engine, offering fans a unique and immersive experience. These events have allowed him to reach even more people with his music and showcase his talents to a wider audience.

With his talent and dedication to his craft, it’s clear that Sonar Zone is one to watch in the world of electronic music. Keep an eye out for his new release and don’t miss the chance to see him live on his Twitch stream or at a venue near you.

Performing on many virtual events during 2020/2021 with Kenny Palmer, Rinaly, Alessandra Roncone, Bixx, Darren Porter, David Nimmo, Kaeno, Kailey Grace, Ncturnal, S.H.O.K.K, Jody6, Asteroid, Anne Savage, Sean Tyas, Sholan, NuSpirit plus many more international DJs.

Show episodes

Afterhours Podcast 11 with Amos & Riot Night
Amos & Riot Night
  • fast_forward00:00:00 - Farius - So High [FSOE]
  • fast_forward00:05:01 - Sean Tyas & Enigma State - Lately [PURE TRANCE]
  • fast_forward00:09:02 - Dan Stone - Forever Gone [FSOE]
  • fast_forward00:14:00 - Peter Steele - Hiraeth [BORDERLINE]
  • fast_forward00:19:00 - Yelow & Susie Ledge - Solitaire [ITWT]
  • fast_forward00:24:00 - Will Rees - A New Life [DEEP IN THOUGHT]
  • fast_forward00:28:00 - Amos & Riot Night vs. Hit The Bass - Elpis [MONSTER FORCE]
  • fast_forward00:33:00 - Amos & Riot Night + Matt Noland - Three Graces [REGENERATE]
  • fast_forward00:37:00 - Trance Wax - Ascend (Sneijder Remix) [ARMADA]
  • fast_forward00:43:00 - Liam Wilson - Life Beyond [FSOE]
  • fast_forward00:48:00 - Paul Webster - Lighthouse [DAMAGED]
  • fast_forward00:55:00 - David Forbes - Air Raid [DREAMSTATE]
  • fast_forward01:01:00 - Mark Sherry - What Happens Next [WAO138]
  • fast_forward01:08:00 - Audorn & Sarah De Warren - Into The Night [FSOE]
  • fast_forward01:14:00 - Inoblivion - The Pursuit of Perfection [KEARNAGE]
  • fast_forward01:19:00 - ID-ID
  • fast_forward01:24:00 - Aly & Fila + Richard Durand - Nebula [FSOE]
  • fast_forward01:29:00 - Grant Trowbridge - Discover [BORDERLINE]
  • fast_forward01:35:00 - Connor Woodford - Zulu [REGENERATE]
  • fast_forward01:41:00 - Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree (South of the Stars Remix) [HIGH CONTRAST]
  • fast_forward01:47:00 - Will Atkinson feat. Gurli - Calling For You [BEBE]
  • fast_forward01:50:00 - Adam Reece - Simulator [BORDERLINE]
  • fast_forward01:53:00 - ID-ID
  • fast_forward01:57:00 - Amos & Riot Night with Ren Faye - Different View [FSOE]


Afterhours Podcast 11 with Amos & Riot Night

todayJune 26, 2024 116 5

Afterhours Podcast 10 with Inoblivion
3 16


Afterhours Podcast 10 with Inoblivion

todayMay 26, 2024 157 16 3

Afterhours Podcast 09 with Artena
2 21


Afterhours Podcast 09 with Artena

todayApril 19, 2024 456 21 2


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