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TEKNO – Sound Escalation

Polish DJ & Producer TEKNO was born in Germany in 1984. Being raised in Cologne, the home town of Blank & Jones, it was only a matter of time until he started listening to Electronic Music.

In 2009 he opened his own studio where he spent endless hours DJ’ing and crafting his own sound which lead him to earn the support from artists such as No.1 DJ Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Mark Sixma, Judge Jules, Heatbeat, Mr. Pit, Rank1, Lange, tyDi, Faruk Sabanci, RAM, Dennis Sheperd, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Paul van Dyk.

As a DJ, he shared some Legendary Stages with the biggest names around: Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Mark Sixma, ATB and Paul van Dyk.

Over the last years his productions earned him some big highlights such as Big Keys being selected as ‘Track of the Month’ by the legendary German duo Kyau & Albert, ‘Masterpiece of the Month’ by Alex M.O.R.P.H. and earned the prestigious title of ‘Future Sound’ on Aly & Fila’s FSOE radio show.

2019 has already been an historical year for TEKNO, together with his partner in crime DJ T.H. he founded Entrancing Energized, a sub-label of Entrancing Music focused on energetic and powerful sounds that will shake the dancefloor. Since they founded the label, TEKNO’s releases already earned the support of the Trance Legends Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Paul van Dyk.

2020 saw the release of “Take No Prisoners” and “Do You Love Me” – two dancefloor smashers with epic breakdowns, beautiful vibes and devastating bassline drops.

With start of the pandemic and cancellation of all gigs TEKNO decided to lean back and focus more on music production and especially sound design. A beautiful collaboration with DJ T.H. and That Girl “Our Desire” was born and released on Interplay Records.

With some normality coming back soon TEKNO decided to up the game in 2022 and released “Own The Sky” with Shannon Hurley and DJ T.H. – a beautiful trance smasher with a forward thinking drop. Additionally, a long kept secret was revealed. A new collab with noone else than grammy nominated Richard Bedford & DJ T.H. was released on Andrew Rayel’s Find Your Harmony imprint. Another big success for TEKNO. At the End of 2022 TEKNO has launched his new event-cycle RiSE which had his first coop with famous GROTESQUE from the Netherlands featuring Richard Durand, Artento Divini, Hel:Sl0wed as well as Natalie Gioia and local resident D72. Watch out for 2023 – TEKNO is going foward with a fresh touch on his sound.

Show episodes

Afterhours Podcast 09 with Artena
2 15


Afterhours Podcast 09 with Artena

todayApril 19, 2024 151 15 2

Afterhours Podcast 08 with Arsen & Cyan
Arsen & Cyan
  • fast_forward00:00:00 - Nihil Young, Lauren L'aimant, Franky Wah - How It Feels (feat. Lauren L'aimant) Original Mix
  • fast_forward00:04:00 - Sultan + Shepard - Murmur Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:08:00 - Paul Oakenfold, Franky Wah - Bullet In The Gun Original Mix
  • fast_forward00:11:00 - Royksopp - Like An Old Dog Enrico Sangiuliano Remix
  • fast_forward00:14:00 - Michael Milov, Dmitry Chelnokov - Pray For Me Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:18:00 - Arsen & Cyan With Jennifer Rene - The Wire (Extended Mix)
  • fast_forward00:22:00 - Ari Grey - You Say (Arsen & Cyan Extended Remix)
  • fast_forward00:26:00 - Soel - Reverie Original Mix
  • fast_forward00:32:00 - Cosmic Gate - The Truth 2.0 Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:36:00 - Arsen & Cyan - Mystic (Extended Mix) 11 - DubVision - G.O.D. Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:40:00 - Estiva - Via Infinita Marsh Extended Remix
  • fast_forward00:44:00 - Arsen & Cyan - Blade Runner (Extended Mix)
  • fast_forward00:49:00 - Alexander Popov, TRITICUM -Give It To Me Extended Club Mix
  • fast_forward00:52:00 - Mark Sixma, Willem De Roo - Revolt
  • fast_forward00:56:00 - Bassjackers, Hardwell - Energy Extended Mix
  • fast_forward00:59:00 - Daniel Wanrooy, Chris Howard, Hel:sløwed - High Rise Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:02:00 - Protoculture - States Of Flux Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:06:00 - Ruben Karapetyan - Meteorite Jerome Isma-Ae Remix
  • fast_forward01:11:00 - Avis Vox - Distance Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:15:00 - AVIRA - Hot Tub Time Machine Original Mix
  • fast_forward01:19:00 - Arsen & Cyan - Out Of My MInd (Extended Mix)
  • fast_forward01:25:00 - Oliver Smith, Tom Bailey - Everything Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:33:00 - ARTBAT, CAY (DE) -In Your Arms Original Mix
  • fast_forward01:43:00 - Armin van Buuren, ARTBAT - Take Off Original Mix
  • fast_forward01:48:00 - Chris Avantgarde - Perception Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:53:00 - Arsen & Cyan & Susie Ledge - Temples Extended Mix
  • fast_forward01:57:00 - Protoculture - Starfield Extended Mix


Afterhours Podcast 08 with Arsen & Cyan

todayApril 1, 2024 291 15

Afterhours Podcast 07
Dave Thomas
  • fast_forward00:00:00 - Based On Acid (Rene Ablaze & TrancEye Remix) - Rene Ablaze
  • fast_forward00:05:00 - U Found Out (Peter Steele Extended Remix) - Handbaggers, Peter Steele
  • fast_forward00:09:00 - In And Out of My Life (Extended Mix) - Sneijder
  • fast_forward00:13:00 - Raw Deal (Extended Mix) - John O'Callaghan
  • fast_forward00:18:00 - Breathe (Original Mix) - Metta & Glyde
  • fast_forward00:23:00 - Fallen Angel (Extended Mix) - Metta & Glyde
  • fast_forward00:28:00 - Synthoria (Extended Mix) - Gerry Galago
  • fast_forward00:33:00 - Red Sun Rising (Extended Mix) - Talla 2xlc, Lost Witness
  • fast_forward00:38:00 - Now Or Never (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) - Daxson, Nation Of One
  • fast_forward00:42:00 - Luvstruck (Rene Ablaze 2019 Rework) - Southside Spinners
  • fast_forward00:47:00 - Traffic (Richard Durand Remix) - Tiesto
  • fast_forward00:51:00 - US (No-So Extended Remix) - Simon Patterson
  • fast_forward00:55:00 - These Dogs Trust No One (Red Dragon Edit Extended Mix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward00:59:00 - Through the Looking Glass (Faders & Wilder Remix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:03:00 - Fugitive (Extended Mix) - Joint Operations Centre
  • fast_forward01:07:00 - Razor (UCast Extended Remix) - Greg Downey
  • fast_forward01:13:00 - Can I Be Frank? (Extended Mix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:18:00 - Mom I Don't Feel Well (Original Mix) - Joint Operations Centre
  • fast_forward01:24:00 - The Forging of Steel (Original Mix) - John O'Callaghan
  • fast_forward01:29:00 - Call the Doctor (Original Mix) - Paul Denton
  • fast_forward01:35:00 - Fast Forward (Extended Mix) - Alex Di Stefano
  • fast_forward01:39:00 - Spielzeug (Original Mix) - Kamui
  • fast_forward01:44:00 - Battery Acid (Ellez Ria Arkam Reborn) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:49:00 - Smack (Waio Remix) - Simon Patterson
  • fast_forward01:53:00 - The Witch (Proyal Remix) - John Askew
  • fast_forward01:57:00 - Vampire (Original Mix) - Sied van Riel
6 28


Afterhours Podcast 07 with Dave Thomas

todayMarch 20, 2024 233 28 6


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